Update from Wohls Gård


It’s been 10 days now, since I started my residence in Vols to prepare for our exhibition together with Satu. I feel really welcome here, surrounded by so many kind people supporting us in our doings.
We are gathering and curating all the material that we have collected throughout the last half year and between our music-recording and weaving sessions we even find time every now and then to jump into the lake and cool our heads. I am very lucky to get the opportunity to work in those amazing surroundings at Wohls Gård.

Also a big thanks to all the generous car-drivers that pick us up on our many hitch-hiking tours back and forth between Vols and Kirkkonummi city where we have occasional chores. I love it. It’s so refreshing to meet so many unlikely strangers helping you out, sharing their time and space. Of course it helps on those trips as well to spread the word and some postcards we made.

Satu is calling now, we’ll play and sing with our friends from the elderly centre in a bit and need to go through some good old classics….

Catch you later x


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