Tone tales; composing lives – living compositions

“Todella upea näyttely jonka äärelle oli helppo tulla ja pysähtyä eikä olisi malttanut lähteä pois. Koskettavia tarinoita!”

“Olipa erikoinen näyttely – aivan uudella tavalla toteutettu ja monipuolinen.”

The thought that music is alive and all around us every day. I didn’t get to finish the music walk but even in indoor exhibitions it felt as though music was alive and grabbing me.

“Säveltarinat – Composing Lives, Living Compositions” was an interactive multimedia exhibition, developed by the artist collective Coming Visible, which consists of two musicians: Simon Voigt (DE/DK) and Satu Kolehmainen (FI).

The team addressed the lives and circumstances of the elderly by focusing on personal storytelling. Several interviews and music sessions were conducted in a local nursing home called “Volskoti”. The final product of the project was an interactive multi-media exhibition located in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The exhibition opening was also a part of the local festival “Kirkkonummi days”. The project was also featured in Finland’s 100-year independence celebration “Suomi 100” -program.

The project was mainly developed through long-distance collaboration over the internet. The exhibition was realized during Simon’s residency in Finland (11.8.-8.9.2017).

Collaborators were Volskoti and the group of elderly people, Wohls Gård Ab, who hosted the exhibition and helped with practical arrangements, Patrick Karlsson, who helped with several practical arrangements, Karin Mattson, who provided the residency accommodation and Kirkkonummen Kipinä ry, who employed Satu during the project period.

Säveltarinat exhibition was financed by Kirkkonummi municipality, Luoman Ravintolat Oy, and Finnish-Danish culture foundation.


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