And there you sing – Creative Assignment #1

Collect 5 different sounds from your community (at least 30 sec each) and combine them in a sound collage. Besides the collected sound you may add two more elements of your choice.

Listen with headphones and close you eyes!

You crawl into this dark hole and there
You sing
You sing of hope with no light burning
You sing of dreams without sleeping
You sing of friendship with no one around you

Then you listen to your own voice
Enveloping you in the velvet coolness

And you wait
for nothing
And hear

One Comment Add yours

  1. Satu’s feedback:

    – I was scared in the beginning 😉
    – echo created a cool feeling of space
    – liked the effects you used
    – kind of an eerie feeling 😛
    – liked the different layers
    – very surprising
    – I liked the way you had included a poem, didn’t think of that possibility!
    – the soundscape captured well the content of the poem, the space, loneliness, the hope


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